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Living Well with Pain

My Approach: I Guide, You Decide

You know your situation, values, essential activities, and long-term goals for living a good life. This provides clarity on our work together toward your vision of success.

Living Well With Chronic Pain  | Holistic Pain Management


I personally guide you through a process that is sensitive to your pain, without letting it run the show. 

I’ll customize my support to your situation and preferences that can be drawn from Western science and Eastern time-tested wisdom.

You may be working with your clinical team and using other healing methods. I can work well within your team’s recommendations and help you get the most out of your care plan.

Our work together can complement and start where you are. Things that you may have struggled to change on your own can be achieved through staying focused on your vision, step-by-step actions with achievable goals and acknowledging success to build momentum, confidence and hope.

Living Well With Chronic Pain  | Holistic Pain Management

Possible topics that can help to dial down pain may include:

  • Integrating the new understanding of pain into your approach to your pain

  • Increased confidence with movement, exercise and activities

  • Clarify and cultivate the support from friends, family and communities

  • Sleep and effective methods for you to wind down, relax and sleep well

  • Nutrition and hydration to help you reduce painful inflammation in your body

  • Leveraging neuroscience to build healthy new habits and releasing old habits that are not serving you

Living Well with Pain personalized coaching is most effective when you are:


Actively engaged and willing to build upon successes and challenges to learn from every step.


Interested to explore new approaches and discover what works best for you.


Know that it’s time to take charge of your health in new ways and are ready to accept support and responsibility.


Ready to observe how simple tweaks in a routine or mindset can impact pain and well-being.

What it’s like to work with me.
“Susanne has exceeded my expectations of a coaching relationship. She is warm yet professional, friendly and engaging yet forthright. Her guidance has helped me to identify what gives me satisfaction in my ‘today’ and in what areas and in which direction I would like to develop. With her help, I have already developed both longer-term directional steps and one concrete short-term step that will get me where I want to be. Working with Susanne is keeping me on track!”
Bonnie Sullivan, senior project leader, East Greenwich, RI

Dedicated to Inclusive Support

I value each person’s unique story and attributes. I have advocated for diversity and inclusion as an Ally personally and professionally. I offer a safe space and respect each person’s inherent identity including their sexual preference, gender identity, race, social and political views, education and financial means.


Living Well Coaching commits to the principles of confidentiality set forth in the BCC Code of Ethics. Client’s name and information will be kept confidential except with a client’s written consent.

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