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What it’s like to work with me

“Susanne helped me understand the importance of self-care and the power of ‘noticing’ the connection between mind and body. When I came to Susanne for coaching help, I had been dealing with chronic lower back pain for 5 years and had chiropractic, orthopedic and even epidural cortisone injection treatments. Working with Susanne allowed me to integrate all the techniques I had used previously to deal with my pain, as well as valuing all the things I noticed about my body and my feelings.  


Using a behavioral model with measurable objectives, Susanne coached me in weekly coaching sessions. Her non-judgmental, gentle, encouraging style kept me focused on my goals, and motivated me to achieve them. After 3 months, I was pain free and able to reach my goal of hiking 7 miles with my adult children! Susanne’s expertise in and knowledge about the human body, and how it works in concert with the mind and soul to achieve good health, is the best there is. Highly recommend Susanne to anyone seeking to eliminate chronic pain and enjoy life.”

Deb Zack, caregiver extraordinaire and former development director at Adirondack Mountain Club

“Susanne is a one of kind coach and someone I consider to be the best in the field. As a former colleague who worked in different parts of the organization, I had the pleasure of hearing directly from Susanne’s coaching clients about the impact she had on them and their success towards reaching their goals. Clients always mentioned her calmness and the ability to help them see their successes in real time. Susanne was also a very thoughtful contributor to the organization. She lead meditations for our internal team and regularly shared innovative ideas to better our internal processes. With Susanne’s support anything is truly possible.”

—Jessica Christensen, strategy & operations senior associate at Hinge Health

“Susanne has exceeded my expectations of a coaching relationship. She is warm yet professional, friendly and engaging yet forthright. Her guidance has helped me to identify what gives me satisfaction in my ‘today’, and in what areas and in which direction I would like to develop. With her help, I have already developed both longer-term directional steps and one concrete short-term step that will get me where I want to be. Working with Susanne is keeping me on track!"
Bonnie Sullivan, senior project leader
“Susanne is adept at meeting you where you are, and determining the best approach at any given time to bring out the best in you. She is warm, empathic, intuitive, kind and knowledgeable. She uses her coaching skills to help you feel empowered to make your own choices, and she peppers that with doses of just the right education and information at the right time. I am fortunate to have been able to work with her and would recommend her to anyone seeking a master-level coach.”
— Lauren Mayhew, injury-prevention and recover specialist
“Susanne was extremely insightful about my strengths, both the ones I knew I had and the ones I didn’t realize I had.  She has helped me explore ways to accomplish my goals by adopting healthy food habits, increasing the activities which give me joy, and overcoming challenges with calmness and kindness. Most of all, she has inspired me to feel confident in my own ability to choose my own path and make the decisions right for me.
—Kay Bullard, writer & retired librarian
“My coach, Susanne, has been instrumental in motivating me to be consistent in completing my HH exercises from the get go. An effective communicator, supportive, encouraging, inspiring, friendly, helpful and always responsive for 97 weeks straight and I am so grateful for having her as my Coach.
—Hinge Health member
“Susanne is a fierce advocate for our member experience. She listens intently to hear other perspectives and thrives on collaborating towards creating solutions that will drive efficiencies and a positive member and coach experience. Susanne is a top level leader, coach and contributor.”
—Julie McMahon, manager of Susanne as a Senior Specialty Health Coach in the Women’s Pelvic Health Program
“Thank you for your kind encouragement over the past couple of years. It has been an honor to be coached by you!
—Hinge Health member
Susanne is an incredibly thoughtful and skilled coach with a warm, caring presence. Susanne’s strong communication skills and team player attitude are exemplified consistently as she provides our team with educational coach skills training as well as when she offers encouragement and feedback one-on-one or in team communications. Just one example of how she goes above and beyond in her work is that Susanne has been celebrated on a company-wide level for providing the most client testimonials out of hundreds of her peers. She is an asset to our team, company, and clients, and a pleasure to work with!
—Larissa Rice, RD, NBC-HWC, Susanne’s teammate for over 2 years
“I cannot say enough great things about the interactions I have had with Susanne! I look forward to our conversations in deep diving pain. She always offers new information to shift my perspective. The space always feels safe to share, safe to learn, and to discuss how I might do things differently in the future.
—Zakiya, Learning Journey coach trainee
Your support was a key factor in getting me healthy again.”
—Hinge Health member
You are quick to provide members with the appropriate resource or tool for their best outcomes in the program, and you go out of your way to support teammates so that they can get the best results with their members too. It is clear that you are invested in the success of others.”
—Laurel Shonerd, Susanne’s manager (for 3 years) as a Senior Health Coach in the Chronic Pain program
Company announcement when Susanne won the Participant Ops Award in September 2022 for the most testimonials from members: “Susanne has facilitated 34 Benefits Team Emails [Jan–Sept 2022] from members to their employers, which is the most accrued by any one coach across the org.”
“Thank you for everything Susanne. I will always remember you and how much you have encouraged me.
—Hinge Health member
“Warmest wishes on the next phase of your journey. You’ve been a phenomenal part of mine! I absolutely looked forward to your encouragement and expertise and I know you will take it with you to this new horizon!”
—Hinge Health member

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