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Personalized Coaching

I coach people to live well with pain. I developed high-level private coaching programs for you so that you can benefit from what I have learned working with people in all walks of life over my decades of experience. You’ll benefit from the information tailored to your situation and preferences, high-caliber support to help you chart your own course back to living a good life.

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I offer friendly, informative talks on Living Well with Pain that I deliver in-person or virtually. Get in touch to discuss booking me for an upcoming event.


Experiential Workshops & Living Well Communities

Meeting others with similar challenges can counter the natural feelings of isolation common when managing persistent pain. Join a group of adults in a safe, optimistic environment where you can learn a variety of strategies to live well and suffer less. Interactive and experiential workshops and Living Well Communities provide a way to consider your situation with a fresh perspective and plan ways to increase well-being in alignment with your personal needs.

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