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Chronic Pain Management | Living Well Coaching

Live Well with Chronic Pain

Live Your Life Fully Again

  • Is pain getting in the way of you being fully present with your partner, kids or grandkids, staying focused on your career, favorite pastimes or travel?

  • Does uncertainty if you’ll have the energy to engage without suffering afterwards prompt you to bow out of activities and social events?

  • Perhaps you have invested in yourself for some time, yet are not satisfied with the results or it’s hard to keep up with what you believe could help you feel better.



You want to have the energy to do what you love. You have more living to do!


  • When you feel pain when doing activities, it concerns you and you don’t want to suffer afterward. You want to take the best care of your body.

  • It can be easier to bow out of events than set up expectations you’re not sure you can meet. You don’t want to hear any more uninvited advice if you share how you’re really feeling.

  • The unpredictable nature of pain makes it hard to juggle your responsibilities and sustain consistent sleep, energy and take care of yourself.


Chronic Pain Management | Living Well Coaching

The Truth About Chronic Pain Management

It’s not your fault. You’ve been doing the best you can considering the genuine challenges of chronic pain.

  • It makes sense to be less engaged in events and activities because you don’t want to let yourself or others down.

  • And if you’re anything like my clients, you’ve been trying to take care of yourself and seek the best treatments. You may have tried many approaches already.

The good news! There are things you can do to live well with chronic pain and, with the right support, you can develop strategies that work for you.

  • It’s not common knowledge that there is anything that can be done about pain that persists. For most of history our heredity, diagnoses or imaging were believed to be the whole story.  

  • All pain is very real and also complex. You can learn to leverage the same mechanisms that contribute to pain, to decondition your pain response. Gather your own evidence using specific factors to develop personal resources to break the cycle of your pain.

Live Well with Support

Hi, I’m Susanne—
I’m passionate about helping adults move beyond chronic pain toward vitality.

Susanne Murtha | Chronic Pain Management Expert | Living Well Coaching

Susanne Murtha, CPMC, NBC-HWC, C-IAYT

I’ve coached hundreds of people to live their life again without pain distracting them from their dreams.

  • Meeting you where you are, I’ll personally guide you through a process that allows you to stay sensitive to your pain, without letting pain run the show.

  • It can be isolating to manage chronic pain, yet you don’t have to do it alone

  • You’ll pick the strategies that fit your preferences and real life. This is not a cookie-cutter program—you and your experience guide the way. 


Are you ready to get the support you deserve and feel more confident about your future?

The best way to see if Living Well Coaching is a good fit for you is to connect on a free 60-minute Discovery Call.

Curious to learn more? 
Find out more about Living Well Coaching.

“Susanne helped me understand the importance of self-care and the power of ‘noticing’ the connection between mind and body. When I came to Susanne for coaching help, I had been dealing with chronic lower back pain for 5 years and had chiropractic, orthopedic and even epidural cortisone injection treatments. Working with Susanne allowed me to integrate all the techniques I had used previously to deal with my pain, as well as valuing all the things I noticed about my body and my feelings.  


Using a behavioral model with measurable objectives, Susanne coached me in weekly coaching sessions. Her non-judgmental, gentle, encouraging style kept me focused on my goals, and motivated me to achieve them. After 3 months, I was pain free and able to reach my goal of hiking 7 miles with my adult children! Susanne’s expertise in and knowledge about the human body, and how it works in concert with the mind and soul to achieve good health, is the best there is. Highly recommend Susanne to anyone seeking to eliminate chronic pain and enjoy life.”

Deb Zack, caregiver extraordinaire and former development director at Adirondack Mountain Club

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