Living Well Coaching - Make changes that matter!

Why Living Well Coaching?

Benefits of working with Susanne versus talking to a friend or doing it on your own:

Find Focus—Most of us get swept up with the activity of life and in other’s agendas, stuck in how we habitually do things. It’s hard to stay focused on our non-urgent but important tasks. Work with Susanne to focus on what you really want. By keeping your goals in sight you can create ways to achieve them. Susanne will ask you questions to help you tap into your self-knowing and deepen your self-understanding.

Clarify Commitments—We often fail to identify exactly what we want so the path to get there is meandering. Make a commitment to your coach who cares about your outcome and walk your talk to success.

Set Realistic Goals—When we do determine what we want, we often expect to be able to change instantly and when we can’t turn on a dime our self-talk tells us we have failed. Susanne will help you to take manageable steps to a successful outcome.

Accept Accountability—In a country founded on the principle of independence we expect that we need to “just do it”. Previous generations had much more social support within families and communities than our isolated single-family units. Enlisting in the support of Susanne can have a synergistic effect on your efforts. It can turn what once felt like a struggle into enjoyable activity and satisfying results.

Connect to Your Confidence—When we believe in our ability to be successful it’s a strong predictor of our actual success. Let’s face it, we all have our down days and those areas where we have less confidence in our abilities. Humans are neurologically engineered as a form or protection to give more weight to the negative. Susanne can help you to develop resilience and optimism.

Automatically Autonomous—When our motivation is generated from our unique and personal desire to succeed, we have the best chance of success. At times it’s necessary to connect to the desire we have to the end result—how we feel after we’ve completed something. For example, for many of us regular exercise is not what we’d call pleasurable, the benefits and boost in health and happiness that results from it however, can generate motivation. Susanne’s guiding, yet non-directive approach allows you to stay connected to your own motivation and energy and only commit to what floats your personal boat.

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